Link Rod Anti-Roll Bar, adjustable


Link Rod Anti-Roll Bar, adjustable

Link Rod Anti-Roll Bar for your car.
This are made with the highest quality. These are adjustable, perfect for cars with lowering springs.

Lenght = 330-370 mm
SAAB NG 9-3 (MY 2003-2014)
Honda Civic MK9 (Manufactured 2011-2017)
Honda Civic MK10 (Manufactured 2016-2022)
Volvo S60 Gen 1 (Manufactured 2001-2009)
Price: 560 SEK incl VAT/pair  (for pre-order)

Lenght = 210-250 mm
SAAB OG 9-5 (MY 1998-2010)
Price: 490 SEK incl VAT/pair  (for pre-order)

These are sold as a pair.
Not in stock at this moment.
Please contact us if you would like to pre-order your set.